Copenhagen Airport is Creating One of the World's Most Digital Advertising Markets

Published 01-02-2015

Copenhagen Airports A/S has chosen Dansk Reklame Film as partner to create one of the world's most digital advertising markets in an airport.

The messages on more than 400 digital screens must be able to continually be customised to the more than 24 million annual passengers.

Copenhagen Airports has signed a contract worth a three-digit amount in millions of DKK with Dansk Reklame Film, which will run for five years commencing January 1, 2015. This means that Copenhagen Airport is bringing its substantial advertising market into the digital future along with Dansk Reklame Film, which is owned by Egmont/Nordisk Film. Together, the parties want to digitise almost all advertising media in the airport and create one of the world's most digital advertising markets in an airport. Passengers are exposed to the messages of the advertisers more than a billion times a year.


"We selected Dansk Reklame Film, because they were the best match with our vision and strategy. Along with Dansk Reklame Film, we will create an attractive and innovative advertising platform that ensures continued growth in the airport and uses the new possibilities that digitisation provides for meeting the needs of our passengers and advertisers. Together, we must embrace both the media possibilities that are already present today and those that will arrive in the future," says Lise Ryevad, Director, Airport Sales, Copenhagen Airports A/S.


Less advertising static

All indoor advertising will be digitised, and the passengers will meet many more vivid images and more relevant advertising messages. The advertisers will have the opportunity to accurately target their advertising efforts to the various travellers.

"We will be able to target the advertisements in precisely the time period when the relevant target group of passengers passes through an area in the airport. The individual passenger will experience more relevance and less advertising static on his or her way through the airport. In this way, the airport will become more harmonious," says Lise Ryevad continues:


"We can document the effect of how many people in the target audience we will hit, which is very important especially in relation to the media bureaus' interest in campaigns. With digitalisation, we will also become more interesting for B2C customers, because they can purchase shorter, more tactical campaigns with shorter production times and lower production costs than with analogue productions."


Vision: An advertising market which is a global leader

Claus Rothoff Brix, CEO of Dansk Reklame Films, will create an advertising market in the airport which is a global leader.

"Our vision is to create one of the world's leading digital media platforms in an airport. A media platform that is not only right for today, but which is also right for the future. We want to reform and change the way in which one thinks about and purchases advertising today, so that the medium also has a future in a digitised world. This is the path leading to growth," he says and adds:


"All of the digital medium's creative, flexible, and user-involving advantages will be put into use, for example, direct interaction with the user and new and fast campaign documentation through technologies that can count how many people see an advertising message".


Dansk Reklame Film – which is a part of Egmont, Denmark's largest media group – is setting up the independent sales organisation Airmagine to conduct the sales of advertising in the airport. Dansk Reklame Film has a lot of experience in digitising advertising platforms through the digitalisation of the Danish cinemas. Dansk Reklame Film sells and distributes cinema advertising in Denmark in a nationwide network with 47 cinemas and a total of 205 cinema theatres. Dansk Reklame Film has achieved growth rates within the cinema medium of more than 15% annually in a generally declining media market.


Paw Saxgren, CEO of the media agency GroupM One, is pleased with the improved opportunities for the advertisers.

"That a cinema medium overtakes an outdoor medium actually tells you all about how digitalisation of the media is breaking down the traditional silos. Every time we see an offline medium becomes digitized, we are pleased with all the many opportunities that it gives our advertisers. The flexibility that results from digitisation gives us the possibility to make messages within the media channel adaptive and therefore more relevant to the consumer. This possibility is now a fact for Copenhagen Airports, and we think that is exciting," he says.


The media agency Omnicom Media Group predicts that a digitalisation of the media in the airport will result in a new and greater awareness among the advertisers.

"Potentially, digitalisation of the media in the airport offers large opportunities in relation to the advertisers and their communication. Not least in relation to a much sharper targeting of messages and the creative design of the material for the benefit of an increased effect of the communication in the airport. In the long term, this ought to result in increased advertising activity in the airport," says Claes Braagaard, Nordic Trading Director in Omnicom.

Additional information:

Please contact Claus Rothoff Brix, CEO of Dansk Reklame Film, tel.: +45 40 50 55 66