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    ZOO in Copenhagen Airport

    Over the busy summer months in Copenhagen Airport, our client Copenhagen Zoo will entertain all the travelers coming to Denmark with a digital and creative setup in the baggage area. This is the third year we have the pleasure of running a summer campaign for ZOO, and the way they use our platform.

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    Have a creative summer

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  • Promotion

    Watch The Media From A Different Perspective

    Every month, Airmagine produce documentation videos for all campaigns that have run in CPH. These are delivered alongside a documentation report for the satisfaction of our customers, who use the documentation videos for presentations, intranet and social media. To watch a few examples of the documentation videos, please follow the link below.

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  • Branding

    Check out our new video showcasing the digitisation process of Copenhagen Airport, from analog to digital!

    We’ve interviewed some of our partners, and shot various parts of our daunting installation project. This footage has resulted in an interesting video, documenting how it was made possible, as well as future opportunities and perspectives.

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  • Documentation

    New Video Showing How We Document

    The documentation of campaigns in CPH is based on our intelligent solution, where we use several data sources to ensure that the campaigns meet their target groups.

    To learn more, please watch the short video below.


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  • The perfect solution for today

    The perfect solution for today - the ideal solution for tomorrow

    Say Hello To Flexibility And Cost Effective Advertising

    With 29,000,000 passengers in 2016, 544 screens located in 169 placements and 8,000,000 relevant playlists per year - You will be able to reach an attractive target group, new segmentation opportunities and a unique and positive environment.

    Why digital?

  • The world’s first fully digitalised airport

    The world’s first fully digitised airport

    Target Your Key Audience At The Right Time And Place

    You can buy exactly the audience you want. The new target groups are segmentation, location and destination, with spots displayed in formats as landscape (16:9) and portrait (9:16).

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173 screen locations in the airport

With our digital media platform, all advertising content is distributed digitally to the airport’s 173 screen locations. Our system enables a range of creative solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs.


A complete digital advertising platform

We have built a complete digital advertising platform that enables advertisers and buyers from around the world to buy into specific target groups. Buying is based on contact estimates and CPM prices, combined with documentation (proof of delivery) and delivery reports based on actual traffic data.

The background

Owned by the Egmont Group, Airmagine is a subsidiary of Dansk Reklame Film, which has sold and distributed digital cinema advertising to the largest Danish cinemas since 2007 and currently covers more than 75% of the Danish ticket market.

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